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Shani Rigsbee biography

Shani Rigsbee a famous singer who was born on 9th march 1968, she is a beautiful lady who is having such a attractive personality, Shani Rigsbee also having a beautiful voice, and her magical voice make the reason of her popularity. She is not only a famous singer as well as she is also a famous song-writer. She is one of the most talented singer and song writer and proved her-self in very least time. Shani Rigsbee before start her singing career, she was just known as a actress. She joined the showbiz as a actress and be a actress she was appeared in 1986 when a film which named is “silver spoons” was released. That’s was the first opportunity for the Shani, in this movie she played the role of “Jordi”.she show her acting ability in the age of 18, After this movie she performed another movie which named is  “Cross worlds” which was released on 1996. After releasing this movie she wanted to start her singing career that why on 1997 se recorded a sound track “Strays” which is one of the beautiful track, and her magical voice took place in many heart, and the listener gave the response on her first track then she decided to launch her album, after a long struggle she Launch her first music album which named was “Under current” this album was released on 1999.   


Shani Rigsbee was appeared as an actress in seven movies which named is “Silver spoon” which was released on 1986, then she worked in “Cross worlds” which is released on 1996, and after a Long break in the year 2003 she appeared in two different movies which named is “Ir Angeles” and “House of the sand of fog”, then she worked for the movie “The keeper” this movies was released on 2005. And she took a long break and after break she appeared as a actress in two different movies which named is “Shrine in love” and “Guardian Angel” both of this movies was released on 2014.


Shani Rigsbee recored for music albums till now, her first music album was released on 1999 which named is “Under current” after the succeed of this album shani launched her new music album which is known as “Call of the Wild” this album was released on 2001. In the year 2004 she Launched another new music album “ Velvet” for her fans, who was waiting for her new album. And after this music album,  she launch another new album in the next year which named is “At the Casbah”. This album was released on 2005.


Shani Rigsbee recorded many single songs mean which was not included in her album, infact she started her singing career from a single songe which tittle is “Strays” which was eleased on 1997. And in 1998 she sung another song which tittle is “Parasite Eve” then “Crash”,”The keeper”,”one night with the king”,”sleeper cell”etc.

Shani Rigsbee Lyrics
  • Gole Sangam
  • Somnia Memorias
  • El llamar de pasion
  • Call of the Wild
  • Dancing in the minefield
  • Kingdom of Love
  • Dokhtar pesara
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