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Information About Burkina Faso

In this page you will find and read list of major cities in burkina faso.

burkina faso major cities - list of states in burkina faso - largest cities in burkina faso


Burkina Faso country information:

where is burkina faso located on a map: Africa
Independence day:
August 5, 1960
Population: 19379605
Burkina faso Country
Code: +226
Burkina faso Currency: West African CFA franc
International Airport:
Ouagadougou Airport

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Burkina faso cities by population

Burkina Faso City Name Population Weather
Ouagadougou 1,086,505 29°C, Wind E at 0 km/h, 27% Humidity
Bobo-Dioulasso 360,106 25°C, Wind SE at 6 km/h, 46% Humidity
Koudougou 87,347 26°C, Wind E at 6 km/h, 35% Humidity
Ouahigouya 61,096 26°C, Wind E at 10 km/h, 36% Humidity
Banfora 60,288 25°C, Wind S at 3 km/h, 60% Humidity
Dedougous 45,341 26°C, Wind E at 5 km/h, 36% Humidity
Kaya 39,229 26°C, Wind NE at 8 km/h, 34% Humidity
Dori 37,806 27°C, Wind NE at 10 km/h, 32% Humidity
Tenkodogo 37,658 25°C, Wind NE at 5 km/h, 43% Humidity
Reo 37,535 26°C, Wind E at 6 km/h, 35% Humidity
Hounde 36,593 25°C, Wind E at 5 km/h, 42% Humidity
Fada N'gourma 33,910 24°C, Wind NE at 6 km/h, 43% Humidity
Koupela 32,052 25°C, Wind NE at 6 km/h, 39% Humidity
Kombissiri 30,137 25°C, Wind NE at 5 km/h, 38% Humidity
Garango 29,076 25°C, Wind NE at 5 km/h, 42% Humidity
Burkina Airport Code: (IATA: OUA, ICAO: DFFD)
Burkina Language:
Burkina Religion: Islam
Burkina Sports: football,basketball, cycling, handball, tennis, rugby, martial arts & boxing
Burkina national animal: N/A