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Bolivia Country Profile:

where is bolivia located in the world map: South America
Independence day:
August 6, 1825
Area: 1.099 million km²
Population: 11,060,730
Bolivia Country
Code: +591
Bolivia Currency: Bolivian boliviano
International Airport:
El Alto

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Bolivia cities by population

Bolivia City Name Population Weather
Santa Cruz de la Sierra 1,364,389 20°C, Wind S at 37 km/h, 88% Humidity
Cochabamba 900,414 19°C, Wind S at 3 km/h, 50% Humidity
La Paz 812,799 13°C, Wind E at 14 km/h, 55% Humidity
Sucre 224,838 12°C, Wind NE at 14 km/h, 72% Humidity
Oruro 208,684 14°C, Wind N at 13 km/h, 34% Humidity
Tarija 159,269 13°C, Wind SE at 11 km/h, 83% Humidity
Potosi 141,251  
Montero 88,616 21°C, Wind S at 26 km/h, 88% Humidity
Trinidad 84,259 27°C, Wind S at 11 km/h, 77% Humidity
Yacuiba 82,803 14°C, Wind SW at 16 km/h, 83% Humidity
Riberalta 74,014 29°C, Wind W at 6 km/h, 65% Humidity
Guayaramerin 36,008 29°C, Wind N at 0 km/h, 71% Humidity
Mizque 30,481 19°C, Wind E at 13 km/h, 67% Humidity
Villazon 30,253 12°C, Wind N at 23 km/h, 57% Humidity
Llallagua 28,069 11°C, Wind NE at 13 km/h, 56% Humidity
Bolivia Airport Code: N/A
Bolivia Language:
(Spanish Language, Aymara language, Paraguayan Guaraní, Chiquitano language, Puquina language, Cavineña language, Chakobo language, Eastern Bolivian Guaraní, Mossi language, Wichí Lhamtés Nocten, Movima language, Uru language, Tacana language, Itonama language, Araona language, Canichana language, Cayuvava language
, Leco language, Baure language, Reyesano language, Pauserna language, Kallawaya language, Ayoreo language, Sirionó language, Guarani dialects)

Bolivia Religion: Roman Catholic
Bolivia Sports: N/A
Bolivia national animal: Llama